"To all the women who silently made history"

"   Do not consider poverty a humiliation nor wealth an honor. Poverty tests your patience. Wealth tests your gratefulness.   "
Quran 89:15–16  (Via Sidi Musa Furber)
"   Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.   "
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"   There is not one person in this world that is not cripplingly sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth.   "
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"   Call a boy a gentleman and watch his shoulders straighten. Call a girl a lady and watch her spirit turn graceful. Humanity was brought into existence by God speaking words into the void of the universe. We tend to become what we are called.   "

The Medicine of Hope (via breanna-lynn)

"   Don’t forget your own self while preaching to others   "
Umar bin Khatab (ra), the second Khalifah (via las-casas-blancas)




A woman reaches under a block from the apartheid wall trying to hold the hand of her mother on the other side. Many families have become segregated after the Israeli occupation regime completed the construction of the wall which runs through Palestinian lands. This is just one of thousands of cases.